Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Fall is here

Yep, it's official. Fall has found it's way to Northern Indiana. We didn't get above 60 degrees yesterday and it rained most of the day. Last night we got down to 38 degrees. Time to put away the sandals and drag out the sweaters.

I love this time of the year. Everything is so pretty. The air is crisp. The mosquitos and bugs go away!
There is only one thing that makes me take pause. Socks. Yes, socks. I have a real problem with socks, in all forms. Now that we have to start wearing socks, my feelings for them are a problem. I buy plenty of white socks for everyone.
They are gone in no time flat. Where do they go? I don't know. The socks that do stick around are missing a partner or stretched out from small hands yanking on them constantly. I've tried to buy the super cheap socks, figuring I might as well since we go through so many. It doesn't work. The cheap socks are just that, cheap. They end up ripped or completely out of shape after one wear. I've talked with other mothers, particularly mothers to many children. We all hold the same disdain for socks.
Thumbs Down

We have ballet, violin and co-op this afternoon. I also have a meeting with the Health Department for Mama Rocketts. I am trying to move into a bigger kitchen (at our church) but once again, I am bogged down with red tape. I pray this works out. The current kitchen at the cafe is just too small.

With that, I better get the day started. Best wishes to all.



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