Friday, September 24, 2004

Pickles, parks and pancakes

Did the title catch your eye?

We had a wonderful day today. Jeff surprised us by staying home today. What a blessing.

We went out to Sechlers pickle factory on a fieldtrip with our homeschool group. Who would have thought we could have such a fun time at a pickle factory, but we did. The kids didn't much care for the pungent vinegar smell in certain buildings, but the greenGreen on their face faded quickly once outside.

I am happy to report that we found the best salsa in the area while at Sechlers. I tell ya, here in Hoosier-ville, the salsa isn't all that wonderful. Yeh, sure, you have the varieties in the market, but we all know they don't measure up to *real* salsa either.
I will make the 30 minute drive to Sechlers for our salsa fix. It is that good!

From the pickle factory, we went to a local park with everyone and had a picnic. The kids had so much fun. Seesaw We left the park with one less child too! No, not on accident.
Emily went home for a sleep over with a friend. We will see her tomorrow morning.

Once home, the boys passed out on the couch and Jeff did some yard work. The girls and I went to Target to assist Grace in spending her birthday loot. She pulled us all over that store trying to make up her mind. I was nearly ready to lose my mind Buggin and I LOVE Target.

For dinner we had an old favorite. German Apple Pancake with maple sausage. It went perfectly with the day...easy going and fall like. By the way, I love this time of year. The trees are changing more with every passing minute. Glorious.
Raking Leaves

I have a ton of paperwork to get out of the way. I've tried wishing it away, but it is sitting here, taunting me. It wins.

Hugs to all.