Saturday, September 25, 2004

Praises for Him

What a day.

Em spent the night with a friend last night. We were invited to go down for lunch this afternoon. This is the neatest family. They have seven children, homeschool and go to our church. Obviously, we have a lot in common.
Wakka Wakka

As we were getting ready to get down there, the phone rang. Jeff was called into work. There was an emergency in the Blood Bank. He left for work while the kids and I headed down to our friend's home. He was going to meet us there later.

I drive the 20 minutes to their house (on the highway) and pull into their driveway. I am there not 10 minutes and one of their boys says to me, "Mrs R, you have a flat tire." I go outside to check it out. Sure enough -- major flat tire on the front driver side. Ugh.
Oh Jeez
However, my frustration turned to gratefulness almost immediately. This was a major flat tire. Not a soft mushy tire. Not a "Oh, get to the station quickly" tire -- but a full blown, all out, very bad tire. Had this happened on the highway, well I don't even want to think about it too much.
Plus, I realized I had left my cell phone at home. Not good.

Our Heavenly Father got us to their home safely. Thank you!

I was about to call AAA, but Mike (dad of the house) rounded up his 4 boys and said, "Come on boys -- time to learn how to change a tire." I so appreciated his kindness. I called Jeff who was still at work and he was worried and relieved all in one breath.

We made it home with the temporary tire in place. We will take the van into the shop tomorrow. This isn't the ideal way to spend our weekend, but you know? It could have been a lot worse.

So, I will choose the silver lining in this day. It just feels better Cool
I urge everyone reading this -- to choose the silver lining. I bet you will feel better too.

Love and hugs,