Tuesday, September 21, 2004

She is *how* old?

The strangest thing happened on September 19, 2004. I don't know why I am still shocked -- I knew it would happen -- but wow, it has now come and gone.

My baby girl, Gracie is now six. I don't believe it. I think it is a cruel joke on my tender heart.
Jeff hugs me and confirms that, yes, our sweet princess is getting older (and continues to drag me with her).

The day was wonderful. We spent the morning in church. When we got home, she dived into her presents. She received a new and improved Cabbage Patch Doll (named Chloe), some new pj's, a video and a bike! Oh, she loves this new bike. It is pretty cool, I must admit.

I remember when I went into labor with Gracie. We were at the Main Place Mall in California. I was enjoying myself, despite the nuisance of back pains. We went to Chili's for dinner. During a wonderful burger, the first contraction hit. I ignored it. I mean, come on! I was eating here! Better timing would have worked for me. The ignore technique didn't work. Jeff thought we should head home, being that this was #4 and time could go quickly. I insisted that I finish my meal. I have priorities!
Burger Joint

All went well. I spent the rest of the evening at home, trying to relax. She was born the next morning at 9:30. I will never forget the doctor coming in and recognizing Jeff. Here I am ready to deliver and they are off to the side talking about work/golf/life. The nurse finally said, "Doctor, can you please catch this baby?" Yeh, it really did go like that!

Six years. Wow. Six years?! Do you have any idea how much has changed in six years? We were in California six years ago! Since then, we have lived in Idaho, had twins, went through a nightmare to get them home, survived job changes, moved to Indiana and continued to live life. Whew. Suddenly, I am tired.

Jesus Fish If not for our sweet Jesus, I don't know how we would have made our way through the maze. His grace and love is abundant. Sometimes, when I want to talk to the Lord and can't find the words - I simply start with, "Thank you." It works.

It is late out in Hoosier land. The sun will rise soon -- the boys even sooner.

Alarm Clock

Oh, before I sign off -- a big RAVE for Sam's (just like Costco) birthday cake services. Gracie requested one of their round double layer chocolate cakes with whipped topping. It was decorated in a princess theme. They did an awesome job and made a little girl *very* happy!
Speaking of a princess, it has been requested by the new six year old that if you wish to speak with her, please address her as Princess Gracie.
She would be most tickled by that. A curtsy is not necessary, though she does give lessons in proper techniques.