Thursday, September 16, 2004

Survivor starts tonight

Survivor Yea, it's true. We are slaves to Survivor. We have faithfully watched from Season 1. It is the only reality show we cave to and watch....

I got to thinking though -- my life is just like Survivor. No, really. I dare any of the past winners to live in my world for a week. They would pay *me* to get back to their world.

This morning started with a bang. Literally. Mr. Jacob thought it would be lovely to wake me up by slamming the alarm clock on the head board. Not a fun way to wake up. Of course as I jolt awake, he is sitting there looking sweet and says, "Shh mama, bubba sleeping." Translation: Mom, chill. Caleb is still sleeping. Don't wake him up. I want you all to myself for a little while.
With that said -- we snuggle and watch Dora the Explorer. Dora rocks in this house. She is one cool chica.

We had homeschool gym this morning. I love this Thursday ritual. It is such an awesome group of people. The fellow moms have become friends, mentors and sisters in many ways. We are up to 119 kids, with about 105 showing up consistently. We range all the way from a 3 week old to a 17 year old who graduates in May. It warms my heart to see all of these kids, from different backgrounds and various ages get along together. The big teen boys watch over the toddlers who wander into their basketball game. The pre-teen girls are silly and cute without attacking one another. It is wonderful. And the moms?! Fantastic. I couldn't ask for a better group of ladies to call friends. I am blessed.

Emily and Sarah's group (4-12th grade) went up to the local park to learn tennis and golf by the coaches up that way. The K-3 graders played dodgeball and learned double dutch jump roping.
The little folks (infant to 4) played in the newly built Tot Town. Man, it is cool! I worked in the TT today. It went well except it was loud. Very loud. We have 4 four year old boys and 5 excitable 3 year olds that were exerting their power. The 2 year olds and infants were cute and cuddly.

We came home, had lunch and put the boys down for a nap. They were so tired. While the boys napped, the girls worked on their lessons. We are studying the election process. What an adventure. Emily also had to write a current events report about the presidential candidates. She had some very thought provoking questions. I love her age!

Sarah had gymnastics at 4:00. We were almost late because I have been battling with my Internet server to switch my business site. What a pain. I was on the phone with them and lost track of time.
I didn't lose any mommy points because she got there just as the coach called them out to the floor. Whew. Sarah did an awesome job on the beam today. She is looking great out there. We are proud of her hard work.
Balance Beam

While she was out on the floor, Em worked on science. This program we are using is very challenging. I am learning a lot, right along with her. We worked on science vocab with the trusty index cards. The rest of the kids watched cartoons and played with the other kids.

We rushed home. I had forgotten to put dinner in the crockpot before leaving. I hate not having dinned planned! Fortunately, Jeff made it home before we did and started everything for us. Bless my man! While dinner finished cooking, he took the kids for a walk while I had some quiet time. Bless my man!
In Love

It is 8:30 now. Jeff is at a men's Bible study. The boys are asleep. Gracie is just about asleep on the couch. The rest of the girls are eating ice cream and watching Survivor, cheering on the ladies teams. I have to share Sarah indignation over the treatment the ladies received at the beginning tribe ceremony. She stood there saying, "Why are they treating the women like that? What is their problem? The ladies can play this game too!" HA. A fired up Sarah is a sight not to miss. No No No

With that, I will sign off for the night. God Bless you.