Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Wild and Wooly

That sums up our Wednesdays. I don't know how it happened, but it did.

Our morning started out well. Everyone woke up in a reasonably good mood. High Five
We got our chores out of the way and hit the books.
You should hear Gracie read! It is really clicking with her. I must say, there is no better feeling to see the switch turn over and witness our efforts pay off.
Speaking of school, Em is entering into some major math lessons. She is facing them with grace and determination. We are proud of her.

This afternoon we headed over to ballet. Paige's class was first. While she was there, Emily went her to violin class. She really loves this outlet. It is so relaxing for her.
The other girls do quiet reading and/or drawing. After Paige's class, Gracie runs in.
Paige works on her science while the older girls memorize scripture and listen to worship music. The boys play blocks, dominoes, color and play outside.
When Gracie is done, Em and Sarah go into ballet. At this time, another mom comes in and she takes all of the under 4 kids outside or into the other room to watch a video/play. The kids (ages 4 to 3rd grade) stay with me. We are doing a Swiss Family Robinson unit study. Talk about wild and fun. It is awesome!! All in all, we are gone from 12-4 on Wednesdays.

On days like this, may I just say, "I Circle Of Hearts my crockpot!" We had dinner and Jeff took the girls to church. The girls enjoy Wednesday services. It is a nice time for worship music and fellowship. Jeff is involved in a class called Sermon on the Mount.

I found out today that Mama Rockett's candy business will be moving to a bigger kitchen. This is so exciting! I can have more room to expand my product base and stock. I will be using the kitchen in our church. I am grateful for their love and grace.

It is time to get the boys off to bed. Poor little guys didn't get a nap today and they are
Crying Crying.

I hope all is well for you and yours? Love and hugs.