Monday, October 25, 2004

Ballet information

I am getting a lot of questions about The Nutcracker. I thought it might be helpful to share pertinent info in one spot?


Friday, December 3 @ 8:00
(this show is done with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic)
$35 adult
$25 child

Saturday, December 4 @ 2:30
$25 adult
$15 child

Saturday, December 4 @ 8:00
same price as above

Saturday, December 11 @ 8:00

Sunday, December 12 @ 2:30

The Fort Wayne ballet is also offering videos for $25
If you want to purchase flowers for the girls, that can be done through the office as well and they will make sure they are delivered to them right before performance, to the dressing room.
Prices vary from $3 to $9 (roses).

If you would like to contact the Fort Wayne ballet, the website is
The phone number is (260)484-9646 ext. 12
You can also access seating options for the Performing Arts Center at the above website.

Tickets went on sale today(10/25). If you are planning on attending, let me know! Tickets did sell out completely the last two years.

Love and hugs to all.


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