Friday, October 29, 2004

Down! Down, dumb dog!

Down! Down, dumb dog!

Have you see the commercial for the Garfield movie? In the clip, they show Garfield pushing Odie out of a chair while saying the above phrase. Admittedly, it is quite funny.
Apparently the boys found it humorous as well. Of all the phrases they could pick up on any given day, they choose, Down! Down, dumb dog! to run with.
Sure, it is kinda funny to hear them repeat this (over and over and over). Sure, it is kinda of cute to see them master their words, so that each word has just the *right* punch to it.
It is even comical to watch them practice the words on our two dogs.

Still -- when they start getting in their sister's face and repeating the phrase, not so funny.
Well, not to the girls at least.

I suppose I should be grateful. In a moment of frustration last month, Jeff called Bailey and Baxter (our two dogs) Beavis and Butthead. Not a great choice of words - especially in front of the boys. For 2 days they cracked themselves up while referring to one another as Beavis and Butthead. And no. This momma did not find it amusing. Fortunately, after ignoring the words time and time again, the boys stopped.

Fall Colors
Tomorrow is our church's fall festival. There will be lots of games, music, fellowship and treats. The kids are so excited. I am taking 3 dozen cupcakes and a pie for the cake walk.
On Sunday, we have church. We will then spend the day together. We don't *do* Halloween in the traditional sense -- but we are going to make popcorn balls, candy apples, fall shaped sugar cookies and watch movies. I still can't believe it is the end of October. Time is flying by......
Well, I should start the day. We have to get some lessons done and head over to the library. Em and Sarah are doing a science unit study on animal food chains, symbiosis and classification. We put a bunch of books on hold and as usual, they all came in at once.

Have a wonderful day. Hugs to all.


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