Thursday, October 07, 2004

It's a blur

I don't know where my days have gone. They start out with a bang and end with a sputter.

All is well out in Hoosier-ville. We had our first frost warning 2 nights ago. We got all the way down to 28 degrees. WHO-EEEE, that's a big difference than the 80 degree weather from not long ago.

In my absence, we had another birthday celebration in the house.

Birthday Balloons
Our sweet, adorable, very busy boys are now 3 years old. I spent the day laughing and crying. In so many ways, it seems like ages ago since we welcomed them into our hearts. In a few, very distinct ways, it seems like yesterday.

They *loved* their Buzz and Woody (from Toy Story) cake. They were more excited over that cake than the train table/train set they received. When will us parents learn.....

Earlier, I told you that Mama Rockett's was looking to move into a bigger kitchen. I had the Dept of Health out to a possible location. It didn't work out though. The ceiling is not up to code.
I'm not giving up. I am way too stubborn. For now, I will enjoy the blessings I have.

I had hoped to write more, but we have some sniffling kids in the house. I hope the sniffles don't progress into a bigger deal -- especially for the boys.

Love, hugs and prayers to all.
God Bless You


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