Monday, October 18, 2004

It's a merry Monday

Haha, notice that tiny little "merry" in the title? I can't help it. I love this time of the year.

I feel so, oh I don't know, festive! It is raining and cold. The leaves are blowing all around. The farmers are done with harvest. Crisp apples and bright pumpkins are sold at road side stands.
We lit the fireplace for the first time this morning. The house is warm and cozy. We are enjoying His blessings. It is good.

It has been a productive weekend for the family. Jeff worked much of Saturday, making up hours he missed during the week while helping me through a scary time.
Sunday was church and lunch out with friends. I also did some Christmas shopping. I am running behind in this area. Normally, I am just about done. I lost track of summer.
In the evening, I went to a meeting at church. We are in transition with our children's program since the youth pastors have moved.

This morning I checked my email to find a note from our Pastor. He has offered me a part-time position on staff to coordinate a new Wednesday evening program. I feel honored. I also feel guarded. I have been on the "burned out and frazzled" end of ministry work. While it is very rewarding, it can also be very lonely. Finding willing hands to help is not always easy.
I spoke with pastor about this and he understands. He promises to assist the new team. I am going to spend some time in prayer -- but I feel God's hand on my shoulder, whispering in my ear, "Kim, now. It is time. Be there."

Truthfully, I have so many ideas for the program. I know with prayer, commitment and willing hearts --- our church can lead our young people on an exciting adventure. I feel very close to the younger girls in our church. We have a nice system in place for the high school girls (mentoring and prayer teams) but not much for the younger girls. I have visions of mini-classes on pertinent issues for 4th-7th grade girls....topics that affect their lives and how to handle them in Biblical ways. Kind of like, "God driven girl power!"

I also would like to see more programs for the toddler/pre-schoolers. Playing and coloring is great -- but I think more could be done to build on God's world in their lives.

Jeff and I are committed to serving the Lord and church as a partnership. We both have our specific gifts. Together, with many other people -- there will be no stopping our church. That is exciting.

The one thing that will nee to be resolved is time constraints. During my health scare last week, I kept thinking, "Am I spending my precious time on things that *really* matter?"
In a few areas, I came to a quick answer. No. I have made changes.
In some areas, I was left with more questions. One area is Mama Rockett's.

Today -- the answer seems a tad more clear. I adore the creative outlet that Mama Rocketts allows me, but honestly, it is A LOT of work and time spent away from my family.
For obvious reasons, I cannot be program coordinator at church and Mama Rockett in the kitchen, as well as wife, mother, teacher and friend in in our home. There isn't enough time in the day.

The thought that goes through my head? The world doesn't need more candy. The world does need more Christ centered families. Even if the only family that is strengthened by my choice is my own, so be it. It will have been worth it. If, in the process, other children/families are touched --- what an incredible gift.

I don't know. I see things in such a different light the past several days. Having your life flash in front of you can do that to a person. I am seeing what truly matters.
I thank God for loving me enough to open my eyes and heart.

Blessings to you and yours.


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