Friday, October 29, 2004

Well, shoot!

We just found out that our trip to New York is called off. The director of Nutcracker has called mand atory rehearsals for the week of Thanksgiving.
Since we can't be two places at once, the trip has to be postponed. I am so upset.

Walking Home Crying
I feel especially bad for our family up that way. I know plans were put in place and now they have to be adjusted. If you are reading this journal, please accept our apologies. I truly wish it could be different.

You have my promise! We will get up that way, soon! I know December/January may not work due to winter weather -- but as soon as we can get up there, we will.
Aunt Mary (bless her heart) says we can just pop up there on the spur of the moment. I think she meant it too! We may take her up on that -- after all, plans don't always work so well. Spontaneous travel may be the answer for us!
In the meantime, please stay in touch. For all of you reading this, send pictures! We miss you always, but around the holidays, it is real hard to be so far apart. Let's do a better job at filling the hole with letters, phone calls and pictures.
Writing Email Chatty 2 Family Portrait

Okay?! Okay!

Love, hugs and prayers to you.


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