Saturday, October 30, 2004

What time is it?

I know, weird question.

Tomorrow night most of the US will set their clocks back. You will get an extra hour of sleep. It will takes days to get the kids back into their routine at bedtime. People will forget the time change and throw off their work schedules.

Won't happen in NE Indiana. Why? Because we do not recognize time changes. We set our clocks when we purchase it from the store and never touch it again. "Spring ahead, fall back" blah blah blah. No one could figure it out in this great state so they said, "Ignore it."
And, we do.

Of course, being that Fort Wayne is so close to the Ohio and Michigan border, listening to our radio stations is humorous. :::said in my best Mr DJ voice::::: "Get to work people. It is 7:00 in Michigan and Ohio. For our Hoosier listeners, it is 8:00"
Yes, it really does happen like that.

From what I can gather, time changes came into play because of farming. The farming community wanted more time in their day to work in the fields. Seems like a good choice, but in the meantime, Indiana -- a state full of farmers, digs in it's heels and refuses to play the time change game.

Honestly, I kinda like not changing times. No routines are messed up. I don't have to learn how to re-set the VCR. It confuses our family on when to call us. ::laughing::: (you know I mean that in humor!) I do have one complaint.
Our TV viewing times get seriously messed up. Our local channels take pity on us and keep the schedule as normal. Not cable stations. If it used to be on at 8:00 for us, it will now be on at 7:00. Try explaining THAT little theory to toddler boys, screaming to watch Blue's Clues when they wake up in the morning.............
Thanks goodness for video tapes!

So, tomorrow night when you get ready for bed -- remember to set your clock back. And if you call us on Monday, remember, we are no longer central time zone -- we are eastern time zone.
Confused? Yeh, I know.

Have a super weekend.


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