Monday, November 08, 2004

Be careful! Wash your hands!

Have you see this story?
AOL News - At least two dozen people in North Carolina infected by E-coil <<~~~click to read

This could happen in any state. I know we visit our zoo often, complete with petting area. We also attend many festivals in our area -- often touching different critters.
Hand washing is vital to keep a serious thing E-coli away. A simple, under the water dribble is not enough. A *good* hand washing includes soap and a 30-40 second scrub.
E-coli is very resilient. It can live on hand rails and other common touching grounds. I don't say all of this to cause obsessive compulsive behavior, but we do need to watch over the kids (and ourselves). A lot of folks only tie e-coli to under cooked meat. That simply is not the case.

E-coli aside, we all know it is flu season. The best way to help fight this illness is through proper hand washing. So, suds up!



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