Monday, November 01, 2004

Get out there!

If today is Monday, that means tomorrow is Tuesday. Tomorrow isn't just any Tuesday, it is Election Tuesday. A big day!

Are you registered to vote? Do you know your local polling places? Do you know the platforms of those candidates running for local, state and national government? If not, start reading.
You can find just about anything you need on the Internet.

Did you know that the largest voting turn out was back in the early 60's? Of all registered voters, 38% showed up to vote that day. That was considered the largest turn out in history.
I am forever the optimist, but even I balk at those numbers. How often do you hear 38% when describing a *large* turn-out.
Frankly, I find it very disturbing. We can (and should) do so much better.

Right now, we have our military over in foreign land, fighting for freedom. They are fighting for the very freedoms so many of us take for granted each day. They are fighting for the rights we have been gifted with through the years. One of those biggest rights, is to have a say in who leads our country. Do you realize how blessed we are to be citizens of the US? Sure, we have problems and issues -- but in comparison to what *could* be on our daily agendas, we have it pretty darn good.

It may sound inflated, but I honestly think this election is *so* important to our country.
Yes, every election counts -- but the 2004 election could change the course of so many things.
Did you realize that the next president will have the honor of bringing in 2, possibly 3 new Supreme Court Justices? Those men/women will serve their term for 20+ years. That is a lot of power and consequence.

Last night, Jeff and I attended a city wide prayer group. It was held at our humble little church.
There were about 450 people there, from 7 different local churches. It was an amazing evening, filled with worship, fellowship, prayer and communion. While it is *never* the Pastor's right to tell his church which way to vote -- we were urged to vote with our conscience and Bible.
That is what I intend to do. I know God has this whole election process wrapped up. He knows the final outcome. He knows His plan for our nation. However, because we have free will --- there is always the potential for us to make a mess of things. And, we will.

Part of the reason for the chaos in the 2000 election was because so many people did not vote. They were apathetic. They thought they didn't matter. They were wrong. The biggest number of folks that did not vote? Christians. Of those Christians, it was the women who mostly stayed home! I urge all of you reading this --- let your voice be heard. One voice can (and does) make a difference. If you know someone that needs assistance in getting to the polls, help them. Their voice matters too!

Please join me in prayer? I pray that His will is done. I pray for a strong and honorable leader.
I pray that we know the *final* outcome of the election process by Wednesday! I fear that if we have another 2000 scenario, our democracy as we know it, when pertaining to elections, will be forever changed. Despite the potential for problems, is that really what we want as a nation?

One voice. One prayer. One person. Strong.
Many voices. Many believers, together in prayer. Many sharing in fellowship. Indestructible.



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