Saturday, November 06, 2004

Little things

A new Target opened up down the road from us a couple weeks ago. Actually, it is a major remodel from a previous, older Target.

This morning, the kids and I made a trip to Target. We had visited once before, right after it opened. I know it may sound funny to some -- but I truly *adore* Target.
With list in hand, we went down the aisles, ohhhh and ahhh'ing at all of the goodies.

Even cooler? They put a Starbucks in this Target. Get out of town! It was like they picked my brain for the perfect marriage of economic success.

Blinking Heart 2

While there I found a CD I have been searching for for several months. It is The Gift by Kenny Rogers. Normally, I wouldn't go out of my way to buy a CD by this artist -- but this is a beautiful compilation of Christmas music, based around the true meaning of the holiday - Jesus.
On the CD is my FAVORITE Christmas song, Mary, Did You Know. It is a duet with W. Judd.
I have heard many versions of this song and their duet is my favorite. It sounds goofy, but the song just makes me tear up and feel so grateful. On second though, it isn't goofy! It is awesome!

If you have never heard the song - you can use this link. It will play the version I am speaking of. Make sure your speakers are turned on. Mary, Did You Know? <~~click

I remind the kids all of the time -- never forget why we have CHRISTmas. His name is in the word to remind the world.

In other news, for those that sent money for Nutcracker videos or tickets, thank you. I have purchased everything. I will hold tickets for those attending. I will mail the videos as soon as I receive them.

Have a super day. God Bless you and yours.


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