Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Post election insight

I was up until 3:30 AM, watching the coverage. What a horse race. I am so incredibly proud of our nation. We got out there and voted! Awesome.

Now, for my insight.

1. The Democratic party has lost their way. Not only have they lost sight of their plans, but their own party is severely divided.

2. Kerry/Edwards underestimated the traditional core values of this nation. The numbers prove it.

3. Kerry made serious mistakes when dealing with the Middle East. Instead of explaining his plan, he sounded arrogant and condescending. Plus, no leader of the free world should look for a pass or test when defending our country.

4. If you have a plan, tell us how you formed it. Don't tell people, in a debate setting no less, to check your website.

5. The wives. Yes, it does matter who you married. I think Ms. Heinz hurt more than she helped.

6. Conviction and fortitude is a good thing. Stand up for your beliefs, even if you are standing alone.

The winners.

1. Mr. George W. Bush. Congrats, Mr. President.

2. Couch pundits and FOX News. They were balanced, slow to assume and quick to report.

3. The Senate and House. Republicans are in a strong hold.

4. The Clintons. Mark my words -- they will be back, guns ablazing in 2008. I have a sneaky suspicion that they cast votes for GWB. Hillary wants that Oval Office. (I will share my views on that at a later date).

5. The citizens of America. The voting numbers are amazing.

The losers.

1. The Democratic party. It is time to re-vitalize the party and figure out your platforms.

2. ABC, CBS and the like. So much for "just reporting the news". Could they be anymore biased in their views? I think not.

3. Tom Daschle. The people have spoken. Good-bye.

*** President Bush will carry New Mexico, Nevada and Iowa. Even if he loses those states, the electoral vote will end in tie. When that happens, it goes to the House. Bush wins.
As for Ohio, the margins are just too great. Kerry could win all of the provisional votes and still not take Ohio. It isn't possible. I understand the need to count all votes, but calling in mass lawyers does not help your case. Mr Kerry, sir, it is time to concede. Do the honorable thing and move aside.

With that, I will sign off for the day. Peace.


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