Tuesday, November 30, 2004

::::waving the white flag::::: TRUCE!

I pray this note finds all of you in good health and spirits.

Life is insanely busy for the family.

My mom was here all last week. She left last night. It was wonderful to have her with us for Thanksgiving.

There is a stomach bug in our house. It is a nasty beast. It started with Caleb. It moved quickly to Gracie. It lingered with them for 2 days before hitting Jacob and Paige late last night.
Last night, Jeff and I were up ALL night dealing with sick kids. I was up to my knees (literally) in dirty clothes and linens. At one point, I didn't feel so well while surrounded by messy towels.

After taking my mom to the airport yesterday, I had to get Paige and Sarah to Nutcracker rehearsal. It was the technical run-thru. We were at the Performing Arts Center until 10:45.
A very late night for all of us.

On top of sick kids, errands galore and snowy weather -- Jeff had to fly to New Jersey this morning. He won't be back until tomorrow night. Not a good time for him to be traveling.
Pray for his safety while he is flying and so forth. It means a lot to me.

I am also asking for healing prayers over all of the kids. A special prayer that Paige mends quickly and Sarah does NOT get ill. They have opening night this Thursday. They CAN NOT be sick.

Last, pray for me. I am tired and feeling stress. I need His grace and assistance right now.

Be well. Be blessed.


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