Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

No special plans for us this New Year's Eve.
If you are going out -- have fun!! Be safe!!

I pray for health, happiness and love this coming year, for all of you.


Tuesday, December 28, 2004

South Asia crisis

Please join me in praying for the countries devastated by the earthquake and subsequent tidal waves. Thousands, upon thousands of souls have lost their lives. Think of the children that are now orphans. Think of the parents that are without their children. It is stunningly sad.
If you can afford a small donation, please contact UNICEF or American Red Cross.
Even $5 will make a difference.
The clean up will be immense and long. The World Health Organization is stating that just as many, if not more, will die from disease if things are not contained quickly.
The children are extremely vulnerable right now.

I pray for His grace, love and mercy for the people affected. Peace to them.


Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve day. Are you ready for tomorrow?

Jeff went into work this morning. He should be home by lunchtime. We are set for tomorrow, I think?
I just have to tidy up a few things, get dinner ready for tonight (traditional chili and homemade cinnamon rolls) and prepare for candlelight service at church. Oh, and keep the kids off the ceiling as they wait the day away.....

Speaking of the kids...they played out in the snow for the first time this winter. They had so much fun yesterday. We have about 8 inches of the fluffly white stuff with more expected tonight.
I must admit, it isn't much fun getting six children ready for outside snow play. Even worse? When it is time to come in....where to put all the wet clothes? ::: sigh :::

I pray that this blessed day brings you much happiness. And please, as you open gifts tomorrow - remember why we have Christmas. God gave us the best gift long ago...Jesus.

Love and peace to you.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Nifty things the boys can do.....

::::primal scream ::::::

I love my boys. I love my boys. I love my boys. They are energetic and adorable. Yes, they are!

See that? I'm trying to convince myself that I shouldn't ship the boys off with Santa this weekend. Maybe they can fill in with the elf department or something?

It's been a :: ahem ::: exciting day around here. Want to know what the boys can do?

1. They can use safety scissors. They can cut paper. Lots of it. All sorts of paper. Even the paper that isn't supposed to be cut.
2. Safety scissors are not safe. At least not to one unsuspecting hound dog taking a nap by the fireplace. Fortunately, Baxter won't miss the leg hair that Caleb trimmed away.
3. Boys can scream loudly when you take away their new favorite toy (aka: safety scissors)
4. Shampoo is impossible to clean off of a treadmill. The more you wipe, the more it smears.
Now, when I am taking a walk - my shoes will smell of Suave Mango shampoo. Yum.
Shock 3

The local forecasters are working overtime to warn us of "a big winter storm".
So far, the forecasters are loopy. There is no snow. Frigid temps and wind, but no snow.
I think they need a new hobby.

I better check on my adorable, loving, active and sweet little boys. I just asked Caleb what he was doing in the living room and he replied, "Nothing, momma."
Riiiiiiiiiiiiiighttttttt, son! I wasn't born yesterday...what are you doing???????????

Running <<<<~~~~~~~~~~me going to check on Caleb.........

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Winter storm on the way!

Well, it should be a pretty white Christmas here in Indiana. We are under a winter storm advisory as of this afternoon. The snow should start tonight and continue through Thursday. We could end up with LOTS of snow, or a dusting. We will have to wait and see....
The wind is frigid right now. We had a high of 14 degrees yesterday!
Too Cold

This morning was filled with waiting. The boys had a thorough eye exam with an optometrist. Due to their preemie beginnings, we have to keep close tabs on their vision (preemies have high rates of eye trouble). After 2 hours, many tests, some dilation, a few tears and gobs of stickers - we are done. The boys received a clean bill of health. YAY!

As if the morning wasn't "exciting" enough - Jeff's trusty Toyota decided to take a winter break.
We suspected problems with the battery, but weren't quick enough. No amount of jumper cables could coax the car back to health. It was towed to a local dealer for repair (new battery and something else, I don't remember). By the way. FYI. Don't lose your alarm remote. If your battery goes wonky, the alarm goes wonky. If you don't have the remote, you can't silence the alarm. This causes many stares in the parking lot. It also causes great frustration.
Also, AAA can not turn off an alarm. Neither can a dealership without major hassle.
Just thought you would like to know............

I hope all is well for you and yours? Take care and God Bless.

Friday, December 17, 2004

How many more days............

..........until Christmas? :::: counting :::::: Seven! Scared 1

As of today, we are on official Christmas break, in regard to lessons.

For the first time since the boys arrived, I am so behind with Christmas. I wish I could pinpoint it to one reason, but truthfully, there are many. The primary one was Nutcracker. It was/is a wonderful experience, but it really whipped my rear in time management.

Speaking of Nutcracker, the final show was last Sunday. The girls are already talking about next year. We are so proud of their hard work. For those that ordered videos, they should be in shortly. I will keep you posted. By the way, I never realized how often stores, commercials and other media print use the music from Nutcracker. There is no escaping that music! It is everywhere!

The past week has been full of activity. In a nutshell...

Monday, we spent the day at home - catching up on lessons and chores. That night, Jeff and I had a dinner party with church staff and elders. We had such a nice time. Our church has gone through a lot of changes, but the opportunities in front of us are amazing.

Tuesday was spent grocery shopping and making candy for neighbors and friends. Jeff had to fly down to Nashville for business. He got back Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday was our final ballet/violin/co-of until January. We tried to fit a lot of material into a short 3 hours. Then, in the evening - we had church. Jeff and I are gearing up to kick off the new Midweek program the first Wednesday in January.

Thursday we had a Christmas party with our homeschool gym group. There were 128 people there. I was on the planning committee. What a nightmare. We had a gift exchange among the children, potluck and short nativity play. It was a nice time -- but very chaotic. For a party to happen next year, things have to either scale back or change dramatically.
We won't go back to gym until after New Years.
Sarah had gymnastics in the afternoon. She is doing amazing work! From there, I had to drop Em off at church to prepare for her first violin recital. I went home to get the rest of the family and we sat through an hour of 15 children playing Christmas music on the keyboard and violins. It was so nice. Relaxing.

Today, Friday - I have six dozen cookies to bake. Our church has a prison ministry team that visits prisons through the year to offer support, prayer and guidance. They are taking cookies on this next visit. Tonight, Em has a junior high party at church. Lots of food, music and friends. The rest of us will be going to Country Faith. It is a worship party, based around music set to country tunes. There will be dancing and fellowship.

I have no idea what the weekend holds. I wish I could crawl under the covers and stay there.
::: laugh ::::

I had my first encounter with homeschool discrimination yesterday afternoon.
While Sarah was in gymnastics, Em and I went to a nearby bookstore to look around. It was one of those temporary location stores...everything was 50%-80% off.
I found some books and went up to the register. While there, I noticed that educators receive 15% off their total sales. Great. I asked about the offer and was told I needed a union card, to show my teacher status. I politely told the man that I was a homeschooling parent and did not have a union card. I showed him my Barnes and Noble, Borders and Office Max teacher discount cards, as well as my library card (which states that we homeschool). He refused to accept my word and/or identification. I pushed a bit further and he began to stammer and make up silly things about needing an insurance card from the city - stating that we homeschool. What?! First of all, there is no such thing. Second of all, if you are going to lie to me - make it believable. ::: sigh :::
I asked to speak to the manager. He was the manager. Okay. I asked for the district manager's contact information. He looked at me with big eyes. I waited. He got the information. He started to ring up the sale. I said, "Will I be getting the educator discount?" He said, "No, there is nothing I can do." I said, "Well, I won't be purchasing the material. Good-bye."
I called the district manager from the van. I haven't heard back (it was voice-mail). I will give him a couple days. If I don't hear back, I will contact the local homeschool groups in the area. Trust me, this bookstore doesn't want that to happen.
You know, it's not the money involved - it is the principle. He lied to me. Furthermore, the state recognizes me as an educator -- the store should as well. It is that simple.

The boys are finished with breakfast so I need to scoot. It looks like a frigid day outside. Winter is here!

Love, prayers and hugs to all of you! We miss you.

Saturday, December 04, 2004


Hello family and friends.

Opening night was magical. Jeff took Gracie to see the show. It was their special daddy/daughter date night. The Philharmonic was performing, so it was extra wonderful.
Jeff said Gracie was just in awe with the music, dancers and stage work. It is all she has been talking about today.
Sarah and Paige did an awesome job! The audience actually giggled and clapped when they came on stage. You will have to see the video to understand -- but in this case, the giggles are good.

Today, they had a matinee performance. I handed out programs prior to curtain time, and was then able to watch ACT I in the audience. It was great. At intermission, I went back to the green room to help with the kids back that way. Loud!!!!
(the girls are in Act I)

The girls have two matinee performances this coming week, with evening shows on Friday and Saturday. Then, it will be over (until next year!)

Prayers for Jeff. He has come down with the nasty stomach bug that they kids and I had earlier. Poor guy. Always the gentleman -- he let us get better before he got sick.
He is an easy patient though. Just give him a soft bed and leave him alone.

I hope your holiday season is going well? Best wishes and lots of love.

Friday, December 03, 2004

I'm here - I think

Well, the stomach nastiness has left our home (I hope). What a miserable 4 days it has been around here. I was not left immune to the sickies. In fact, they hit at the most "perfect" (ahem) time. While Jeff was away on business. What a nightmare.
Fortunately for all us, it was short lived -- though at the time it sure didn't feel like it.

Last night was final dress rehearsal for Nutcracker. It was with full make-up and costumes. The ballet sponsors were in the audience. So much energy! I helped in the make-up room. I ended up with more make-up on my hands and pants than some girls had on their faces, I think.

From the very beginning, our local paper has been in the shadows taking pictures. Yesterday, they started a series of articles for Nutcracker. For those interested, here is the most recent article. News Sentinel 12/02/2004 Holiday classic is a tough nut to crack
I will post each article when it becomes available.

Best wishes to everyone! Happy Holidays!