Friday, December 17, 2004

How many more days............

..........until Christmas? :::: counting :::::: Seven! Scared 1

As of today, we are on official Christmas break, in regard to lessons.

For the first time since the boys arrived, I am so behind with Christmas. I wish I could pinpoint it to one reason, but truthfully, there are many. The primary one was Nutcracker. It was/is a wonderful experience, but it really whipped my rear in time management.

Speaking of Nutcracker, the final show was last Sunday. The girls are already talking about next year. We are so proud of their hard work. For those that ordered videos, they should be in shortly. I will keep you posted. By the way, I never realized how often stores, commercials and other media print use the music from Nutcracker. There is no escaping that music! It is everywhere!

The past week has been full of activity. In a nutshell...

Monday, we spent the day at home - catching up on lessons and chores. That night, Jeff and I had a dinner party with church staff and elders. We had such a nice time. Our church has gone through a lot of changes, but the opportunities in front of us are amazing.

Tuesday was spent grocery shopping and making candy for neighbors and friends. Jeff had to fly down to Nashville for business. He got back Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday was our final ballet/violin/co-of until January. We tried to fit a lot of material into a short 3 hours. Then, in the evening - we had church. Jeff and I are gearing up to kick off the new Midweek program the first Wednesday in January.

Thursday we had a Christmas party with our homeschool gym group. There were 128 people there. I was on the planning committee. What a nightmare. We had a gift exchange among the children, potluck and short nativity play. It was a nice time -- but very chaotic. For a party to happen next year, things have to either scale back or change dramatically.
We won't go back to gym until after New Years.
Sarah had gymnastics in the afternoon. She is doing amazing work! From there, I had to drop Em off at church to prepare for her first violin recital. I went home to get the rest of the family and we sat through an hour of 15 children playing Christmas music on the keyboard and violins. It was so nice. Relaxing.

Today, Friday - I have six dozen cookies to bake. Our church has a prison ministry team that visits prisons through the year to offer support, prayer and guidance. They are taking cookies on this next visit. Tonight, Em has a junior high party at church. Lots of food, music and friends. The rest of us will be going to Country Faith. It is a worship party, based around music set to country tunes. There will be dancing and fellowship.

I have no idea what the weekend holds. I wish I could crawl under the covers and stay there.
::: laugh ::::

I had my first encounter with homeschool discrimination yesterday afternoon.
While Sarah was in gymnastics, Em and I went to a nearby bookstore to look around. It was one of those temporary location stores...everything was 50%-80% off.
I found some books and went up to the register. While there, I noticed that educators receive 15% off their total sales. Great. I asked about the offer and was told I needed a union card, to show my teacher status. I politely told the man that I was a homeschooling parent and did not have a union card. I showed him my Barnes and Noble, Borders and Office Max teacher discount cards, as well as my library card (which states that we homeschool). He refused to accept my word and/or identification. I pushed a bit further and he began to stammer and make up silly things about needing an insurance card from the city - stating that we homeschool. What?! First of all, there is no such thing. Second of all, if you are going to lie to me - make it believable. ::: sigh :::
I asked to speak to the manager. He was the manager. Okay. I asked for the district manager's contact information. He looked at me with big eyes. I waited. He got the information. He started to ring up the sale. I said, "Will I be getting the educator discount?" He said, "No, there is nothing I can do." I said, "Well, I won't be purchasing the material. Good-bye."
I called the district manager from the van. I haven't heard back (it was voice-mail). I will give him a couple days. If I don't hear back, I will contact the local homeschool groups in the area. Trust me, this bookstore doesn't want that to happen.
You know, it's not the money involved - it is the principle. He lied to me. Furthermore, the state recognizes me as an educator -- the store should as well. It is that simple.

The boys are finished with breakfast so I need to scoot. It looks like a frigid day outside. Winter is here!

Love, prayers and hugs to all of you! We miss you.


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