Friday, December 03, 2004

I'm here - I think

Well, the stomach nastiness has left our home (I hope). What a miserable 4 days it has been around here. I was not left immune to the sickies. In fact, they hit at the most "perfect" (ahem) time. While Jeff was away on business. What a nightmare.
Fortunately for all us, it was short lived -- though at the time it sure didn't feel like it.

Last night was final dress rehearsal for Nutcracker. It was with full make-up and costumes. The ballet sponsors were in the audience. So much energy! I helped in the make-up room. I ended up with more make-up on my hands and pants than some girls had on their faces, I think.

From the very beginning, our local paper has been in the shadows taking pictures. Yesterday, they started a series of articles for Nutcracker. For those interested, here is the most recent article. News Sentinel 12/02/2004 Holiday classic is a tough nut to crack
I will post each article when it becomes available.

Best wishes to everyone! Happy Holidays!


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