Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Nifty things the boys can do.....

::::primal scream ::::::

I love my boys. I love my boys. I love my boys. They are energetic and adorable. Yes, they are!

See that? I'm trying to convince myself that I shouldn't ship the boys off with Santa this weekend. Maybe they can fill in with the elf department or something?

It's been a :: ahem ::: exciting day around here. Want to know what the boys can do?

1. They can use safety scissors. They can cut paper. Lots of it. All sorts of paper. Even the paper that isn't supposed to be cut.
2. Safety scissors are not safe. At least not to one unsuspecting hound dog taking a nap by the fireplace. Fortunately, Baxter won't miss the leg hair that Caleb trimmed away.
3. Boys can scream loudly when you take away their new favorite toy (aka: safety scissors)
4. Shampoo is impossible to clean off of a treadmill. The more you wipe, the more it smears.
Now, when I am taking a walk - my shoes will smell of Suave Mango shampoo. Yum.
Shock 3

The local forecasters are working overtime to warn us of "a big winter storm".
So far, the forecasters are loopy. There is no snow. Frigid temps and wind, but no snow.
I think they need a new hobby.

I better check on my adorable, loving, active and sweet little boys. I just asked Caleb what he was doing in the living room and he replied, "Nothing, momma."
Riiiiiiiiiiiiiighttttttt, son! I wasn't born yesterday...what are you doing???????????

Running <<<<~~~~~~~~~~me going to check on Caleb.........


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