Saturday, December 04, 2004


Hello family and friends.

Opening night was magical. Jeff took Gracie to see the show. It was their special daddy/daughter date night. The Philharmonic was performing, so it was extra wonderful.
Jeff said Gracie was just in awe with the music, dancers and stage work. It is all she has been talking about today.
Sarah and Paige did an awesome job! The audience actually giggled and clapped when they came on stage. You will have to see the video to understand -- but in this case, the giggles are good.

Today, they had a matinee performance. I handed out programs prior to curtain time, and was then able to watch ACT I in the audience. It was great. At intermission, I went back to the green room to help with the kids back that way. Loud!!!!
(the girls are in Act I)

The girls have two matinee performances this coming week, with evening shows on Friday and Saturday. Then, it will be over (until next year!)

Prayers for Jeff. He has come down with the nasty stomach bug that they kids and I had earlier. Poor guy. Always the gentleman -- he let us get better before he got sick.
He is an easy patient though. Just give him a soft bed and leave him alone.

I hope your holiday season is going well? Best wishes and lots of love.


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