Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Winter storm on the way!

Well, it should be a pretty white Christmas here in Indiana. We are under a winter storm advisory as of this afternoon. The snow should start tonight and continue through Thursday. We could end up with LOTS of snow, or a dusting. We will have to wait and see....
The wind is frigid right now. We had a high of 14 degrees yesterday!
Too Cold

This morning was filled with waiting. The boys had a thorough eye exam with an optometrist. Due to their preemie beginnings, we have to keep close tabs on their vision (preemies have high rates of eye trouble). After 2 hours, many tests, some dilation, a few tears and gobs of stickers - we are done. The boys received a clean bill of health. YAY!

As if the morning wasn't "exciting" enough - Jeff's trusty Toyota decided to take a winter break.
We suspected problems with the battery, but weren't quick enough. No amount of jumper cables could coax the car back to health. It was towed to a local dealer for repair (new battery and something else, I don't remember). By the way. FYI. Don't lose your alarm remote. If your battery goes wonky, the alarm goes wonky. If you don't have the remote, you can't silence the alarm. This causes many stares in the parking lot. It also causes great frustration.
Also, AAA can not turn off an alarm. Neither can a dealership without major hassle.
Just thought you would like to know............

I hope all is well for you and yours? Take care and God Bless.


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