Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Back to the grind

I sure did enjoy our Christmas break. We have been away from scheduled activities for 2 weeks. My van has been sitting in the driveway more than usual, that's for sure.
We also took some time away from lessons, with the exception of bible and quiet reading.

We picked the books back up yesterday. The kids, while a bit restless, seemed to settle back in with no problems.

Today we have swim team. The kids love it. I don't. It is just a hard time. The boys are tired and have to wait around for an hour, in the hard bleachers, with not a whole lot to do.
They can only listen to so many books before they want to get up and move around.

Tomorrow is co-op/ballet and violin. We also kick off our new children's ministry program at church (evening). We are excited to get everything started, but I admit to feeling some nerves as well. Thankfully, we have some very dedicated teachers. They make things easier for me. I just have to coordinate everything from the sidelines.

Well, time to start the day. The kids are done with breakfast and are upstairs getting dressed. I will finish my coffee and pull out the books.

Stay warm and dry! Tons of rain out this way. I'd rather have snow. (yes - honest).


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