Monday, January 10, 2005

It never rains in So. California....:::Sing with me::::::

HA. Guess the song isn't true lately, huh?

I've heard from family and friends in California. The basic sentiment? Rain, rain, go away.
And the snow in the mountains?! Ekk. Even the most dedicated skier is calling truce.
Stay safe out that way!!

Of course, I watch the weather with concern. For them, and for us.
The weather they are having now will most likely become our weather in a few days.
We just melted our way through a pretty bad ice storm. I prefer not to go through that again.
Not only is it cold, dangerous and isolating (we can't really go anywhere) -- but it is causes some major flooding this way. Right now, the Ohio river is dangerously high.
Fort Wayne is the center of 3 different rivers. When a river starts to rise at quick levels, we pay attention.

Oh, may I take a moment to RAH-RAH for the Indy Colts?! Are they on fire or what?! Go team, go! Ha. You thought Hoosiers only cared about Nascar or basketball, didn't you?
(and for the record, this Hoosier does not care about Nascar or basketball.....I should get my walking papers from the state any day now......)

With that, I better scoot. The kids are done with breakfast and we have a mountain of lessons to get through. Stay warm Stay dry. Stay safe!


P.S. Bahahahahaha! When I performed a spell check -- the computer pulled up Hoosier and Nascar. They aren't in the dictionary for the sytem. For Hoosier it asked if I meant, "Hooker" and for Nascar it asked if I meant, "mascara".
What does that say about this state? Ohh...deep thoughts.


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