Monday, January 17, 2005

Mourning on Monday

Well, no Superbowl for the Indy Colts. So close, yet so far away. Better luck next year guys!

As most of you may (or may not) know...Indiana is sports obsessed. For some folks, it is their religion. And no, I'm not kidding.

I got to thinking this morning, in between shivering (-2 when I woke up) and making breakfast -- on some of the interesting facets to living in Hoosier-land.

1. Sports. They are a good thing. Especially football and basketball. The Indy Colts are loved, but IU, Notre Dame and Purdue are put on a pedestal (by a lot of people).
2. Nascar. I don't get the whole driving in circles "thing" but plenty of other folks do.
Most folks fly an American flag on the porch, Hoosiers fly a #3 flag, or some other display similar to it.
3. Mulch. Yes, I said mulch. The broken up wood. It is a science here. The more mulch you can put in your yard, the better. Don't have time to run to Meijer? That's okay. The gas stations sell it too. Yes, really.
(my husband has taken to this Hoosier standard -- he buys massive quantities of it each spring)
4. Back to Nascar. Lots of drivers on the 69/469 loop think they are practicing for the Indy 500. Stay off that part of the highway late at night.
5. Fried foods. Everywhere. Frozen foods. Everywhere. They might has well add a separate food group for this part of the United States. Anyplace that sells deep fried candy bars has issues. That's my opinion.
6. Roadkill. Enough said.
7. The weather. It's bizarre. Don't like it right now? Wait 10 minutes. It will change.
8. You can ask 5 different Indiana residents what the word, "Hoosier" means and you will get 5 different answers.
9. Don't ask us what time it is anywhere but here. We don't know, especially around time changes (we don't do time changes)
10. If you want a friendly neighbor or hard workers -- come to Indiana. We've got those qualities down to a science!

Have a great day!


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