Thursday, January 13, 2005

Thursday chat

Hello from wacky weather central, aka - Indiana.
Yesterday we saw temps in the mid 60's. In the dead of winter! Incredible.
We had thunderstorms last night. If I didn't know better, I would have thought it was April instead.

Our regular Thursday morning activity (homeschool gm) was canceled. The church had flooding problems. Gracie went over to a friend's house this morning. I will pick her up later, on the way to taking Sarah to gymnastics.

Last night was kick-off for Friends, our Midweek program at church. It went well. We were averaging about 27 kids a week prior to the new program. Last night? There were 40! I was thrilled, but taken off guard.
I found a few tiny holes that need to be filled, in regard to scheduling, but overall -- it was successful.

Jeff had his annual physical this morning. I tell ya. For a man that works in the healthcare field, you would think he would understand the importance of regular check-ups? Not so. Getting him to see a doctor is like giving a cat a bath. He went though. He is fine. Thank you, God.

Well, the sky just went dark. Here comes more rain. Our poor rivers are about to burst.
Oh, and tomorrow -- our high should be a whopping 15. Big difference from the spring like weather over the past couple days. I expect colds from the kids within in the week. Too many weather changes.

Take care.


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