Friday, January 21, 2005

Well, I could do that!

Weather people. What's up with their vagueness? All day we have had radio/TV breaks warning us of a winter storm tonight. We are told, "Expect hail, ice, snow or freezing rain this evening. We are anticipating 3-10 inches."
Umm. Thanks for that distinct clarification there, Mr. Sunshine.

Here is my rendition. "Look folks. We live in NE Indiana. It is winter time. Expect winter weather. It could be a lot. It could be a little. Be careful."

To simple, huh? ::: shoulder shrug :::::

Surprisingly, there isn't much more going on these days. We are staying busy with lessons, activities, church and work. The kids are all doing well.

For those reading, please stay in touch. We miss you.


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