Friday, February 25, 2005

Excuse me while I vent! On second thought -- listen up!

Carseats. Selt belts. Safety. Life saving. Law.
It's all a good thing.

I try so hard to "live and let live". I know how hard it can be to get through some days. We all hit bumps in the road and need a smile from those around us.

I can't handle one thing though. I don't even try.

Why don't parents put their precious children in carseats and/or seatbelts? Why?
No money? Not an excuse. You can call your local hospital, police department or community agencies. A carseat will be provided, free of charge.
Everyone knows the law when it comes to this subject. Ignornace isn't even an excuse in this instance.

If an adult doesn't want to buckle are breaking the law.
I don't understand your thinking, but you are an adult. Do what you want.

But when it comes to an innocent child..someone that depends on you to keep them safe.....keep them safe!! Please.

Yes, can you tell -- I saw another van zooming down the highway today with a baby on someone's lap and 2 little kids be-bopping around the back. In a twist of sick irony, the driver was buckled up.

I called the license number into the non emergency police department. I was informed that unless the officer catches the driver, nothing can be done. That is unfortunate.
By the time they catch them, it is probably too late.

In California and Idaho, you could call the plate in and the police would issue a warning letter to the address on file. Not the perfect solution, but it was a step in the right direction.

Of course, I live in a state that allows any person driving a truck (any size) to go unbelted. True. Check for yourself.

That silly law is set to change this summer though, along with booster seat laws. Finally. Indiana is catching up in this area.

Anywayyyyyyyyy....I know my rant here won't change anything. Do me a favor though?
Set an example with your babies/children.
Everytime we (general) do the right thing.....the wrong thing is more apparent.



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