Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I see the sun! I see the sun!

Hallelujah! The sun found it's way back to Indiana. I was beginning to wonder if the hottest star was lost forever.

Of course, the sun only lulls us into a false sense of security. With high storm out the door (sans coat) and are firmly blasted in the face with artic wind.
Reality check. It is still winter.

It is Wednesday, so that means for the next 4 hours I will be shuffling between activities.
We will rush home, scarf down dinner and head back to church for 2 hours.
I love the people and results -- but I must admit, I'm not real keen on the chaos of everything.
It is exhausting.

For everyone in California -- stay dry and safe. Wicked weather. Hang tough. Before you know it, you will be basking in warmth of spring/summer.

I just peeked at the clock! I have to scoot. Love and hugs to all.


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