Thursday, February 17, 2005

It's that time again...

The first. The best. The original. Not to be replicated (though many have tried) reality TV show.
:::: drum roll ::::::

Survivor starts tonight!! Is it is wrong that this show excites me so much? I'm thinking, yes.

::slipping on my headband and jazzing up my "oh no you di'int attitude":::::


I have reliable information that the opening part of this season is going to be *very* different.
I won't spill the beans here, cause I know how frustrating it is to have a show spoiled. Just remember though, you heard it hear first! :: smile ::

In other news, it is snowing, again. It's just not fun or cute anymore. I need some warm weather. Of course, once spring arrives - so do thunderstorms and tornado warnings. I can't catch a break around these cornfields. Summer? Humidity and mosquitos.

This morning we had homeschool gym. We had lots of fun, as usual.
Em's group is playing volleyball. She *loves* it. There is a big homeschool girl's team in our county. They have open call in May. She wants to try out for the team. I know the coach. She is my hero, super mom to nine of the neatest kids around! Yes, I said 9 kids!

More about Em, she is turning into our little jock. She went to swim team on Tuesday and found out that she has been bumped up to the next section of swimmers. These swimmers spend the whole 70 minutes swimming laps, using different strokes. Very demanding. Basically, they are conditioning them for competition swim. If they choose to join that team - they swim under the Y umbrella for our county and compete state wide. I don't know what will happen with this area of her life? It is exciting, but the hours will be pretty awful.

Sarah will find out today if she moves to the next level in gymnastics. She is excited to learn new skills, but doesn't want to leave her present coach (Derek). I'll keep you posted.

A couple of you have emailed me, asking about my sitcom scenario. No, I don't have a name picked out yet. Patience, grasshopper (said in my Mr. Mayagi voice). I'm still depending on my mood, it could be awhile. :: smirk ::

I signed up for a Mom's Retreat the first weekend in March. I am going with a bunch of other homeschooling moms to the Stroh House. I am really looking forward to some "down" time among friends. I will leave Friday afternoon and return Saturday evening.

The boys just woke up from their nap. I need to get everyone ready so we can head over to the gym with Sarah.

Love and hugs to all.


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