Monday, February 28, 2005

Martha "Jailbird" Stewart

Ms. "It's a good thing" will be free from the slammer on March 6.
Whew -- the world has been safer the last 6 months since they threw her in jail, huh?
I mean, rapists, murderers, and terrorists are still roaming -- but Martha was in jail! Go safety! Go court system! ::: insert eyeroll here ::::

Hey, look.
I know she broke the law. She let her pride prevent her from helping herself. She made some poor choices. Punishment, yes. Jail? No. Not in my opinion.

I have never been accused of being a screaming feminist -- but I do think she got the raw end of the deal due to her womanhood. If she had testes instead of ovaries, she would have never seen steel bars and bad food.

Ah well. Martha will get the last laugh here. While in jail, she made millions of dollars, mostly in thanks to the Sears/Kmart merge. She has book deals and TV productions waiting for her.
Could *you* be Martha's apprentice?

She will have 5 months of house arrest to deal with when she leaves the West Virginia jail - but I feel certain that she will put those 5 months to good and comfortable use.
I bet she will come out this stronger and better.

It's all good, Martha.


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