Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My life as a sitcom

The cast of characters:

Kim -- A 30 something mom in the Midwest. She used to be feisty, fashionably dressed and well rested. Now, she needs a "momma's helper" (aka vente Latte from Starbucks) and hairclip to start her day. Her basic wardrobe is all about durability. Jeans. Classic.
Some say she is just as feisty as ever....

(....one who holds that opinion is....)

Jeff -- A newly turned 40 year old man who adores his family and works hard. He needs more rest and time. Even with his extensive education in science, he can't figure out a way to accomplish either task. As leading characters in this sitcom, Jeff and Kim are naturals at showing affection and personality.

Emily -- The oldest of six children, Emily is the definition of "first child".
Between the neurosis that her parents displayed with her early on, and a fine mixture of parental traits...Em is a study in psychology.
She recently celebrated her 12th birthday and appreciates the finer things in life (without having to pay for them).

Sarah -- A fun loving, slightly squirrelly (but darn smart) 10 year old blonde girl. Her days are filled with reading, jumping, stretching and running. If it is bright, colorful or otherwise head-ache producing...Sarah loves it!
Thanks to her oldest sister, Sarah was born into more relaxed parents.

Paige -- A curly topped, highly intelligent, very emotional 8 year old girl. Paige takes her time to warm up to a situation, but once she does - you have a friend for life. Her biggest challenge in life right now? Finding jeans that fit her skinny body and long legs. Much drama.

Grace -- A fair headed, growing each day, cute button nose 6 year old -- that's Grace. She relishes her position as youngest girl in the family. Truth be known, if she could figure out a way to re-enter the womb and arrive as the baby of the family, she would do it. She would also like to formally change her name to Princess Gracie of Indiana.

Caleb -- The oldest twin boy by 5 minutes, Caleb is stubborn, devoted, intense and cautious.
He has dimples from daddy and big expressive eyes. He has embraced his 3 years with zest.
He loves to work on puzzles and blocks. Even at this young age, I can see his perfectionist's traits (thanks to daddy) coming through.


Jacob -- The actual baby of the family, we had Jacob, aka The Koosh. Like his identical twin brother, Jake's dimples are the first thing you notice when he laughs.
Out of all the children, Jacob shows a real heart for animals. His great grandma (Virginia) would be so proud. Jacob is content to read books, play with clay and cuddle with mom.

As a set, the above boys are great at mischief. They are teaching their parents about eating humble pie. They are also cruising for WW3 if they don't stop bugging their big sisters. Dad keeps trying to teach his boys the fine art of dealing with the female population. Of course, on occasion, the boys end up teaching ol' dad a thing or two!

Bailey, Baxter, Belle and BamBam - the supporting canine/feline/fish crew. They add drama, comfort, craziness and mess to an already full house.

On the drawing board for sitcom names:

My Life With A Sixpack (I'm thinking no on this...too Fox Network for my taste)

Desperate Housewives (oh, wait -- that's been done -- unrealistically I might add)

The Chaotic Clan

It Doesn't Take A Rocket Scientist To Figure It Out (hmm...think about that one for a minute will ya?)

Parenting Isn't For Whimps

Sleep Is For Whimps

Full House (again, I missed the train on this one...but our twins are cuter!)

Stay tuned for more options and/or my final choice. My creative outlet is being interrupted by booger eating boys right now. WHY or WHY do they do that?!

Peace. Peace



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