Saturday, March 19, 2005

Irony alert! We live in a twisted world.

Warning -- heavy thoughts ahead.

What kind of society have we made for ourselves? Are we really better off than generations before us? Have we evolved into brighter, happier people? Are we living with more rights and freedoms? Truly?

Picture if you will....

A one time famous football player is found guilty of murder in civil court. He walks free in Florida.

Gangs terrorize neighborhoods.

Terrorists panic our land.

Mothers drown their children in lakes and bathtubs.

Convicted felons prey on sleeping children, kidnap them from their room, violate them and murder them.

A group of people make the decision to end a woman's life by withholding her food/hydration.
(which could take 2 weeks).

A corporate leader sells her stock and tells a lie. She goes through court. She serves jail time. She pays fines. She is under house arrest. She wears an ankle bracelet. She can no longer vote due to her felon status.

See a problem here? I do.

When will our society wake up? How many people must die before we realize that the rights of a criminal do not supersede the rights of law abiding citizens. It needs to stop. Immediately.
Do you know how many children die at the hands of a repeat offender each year? It is staggering.

It is time we (collective) stand up for something, because right now, we are falling for everything.

Parents. Hug your children. Protect them. Over-protect them. If we don't, who will?

I pray for God's grace to rain down on our world. He can save us from ourselves. Thankfully.

In memory of Jessica Lunsford. Rest in peace. Prayers for her family, who are left to pick up the pieces.
P.S. Some wonderful news to share --- we have a new nephew! Jeff's brother and his wife welcomed a new baby boy into their family. Welcome Troy!


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