Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It is retail therapy, not shopping

Shopping 2
Of course, I must restrain my therapeutic exercises to keep the home fires burning -- but I do get that rush of excitement when I enter a favorite store. Ladies, you know what I'm sayin'?

We went to Indianapolis this past weekend. It was a spontaneous "Let's get away for the day" type trip. We walked around downtown (Indy has done a superb job with revitalization) and enjoyed some window shopping. The girls had some left over Christmas/birthday money -- so they did some shopping at Nordies (that's my girls!!) They found some terrific deals.
I browsed through the shoes and purses. Yumm, the smell of leather.
Girls, have you seen the new Coach line? Purrrrrty. I'm not even that into purses - but these caught my eye! Pretty aside, I can't see spending $200 for a small clutch. That's crazy talk.

We had a nice lunch, drove around a bit and hit Trader Joes before coming home. I did a good deal of shopping at Trader Joes, stocking up the pantry. I wanted to buy some wine...but Indiana is a blue state. No alcohol sales on Sunday. Of course, you can go to a restaurant and indulge in many drinks, get in your car and drive -- but you can't buy a bottle of wine, drive home and drink it there. Kinda backwards if you ask me.

We got home around 8 in the evening, just in time to put the boys to bed and relax. It was a nice day. We are going to try to get back down there this summer for a long weekend. The Children's Museum is one of the best in the country. Plus, I would really like to visit the City/Farmer's Market.

I heard from Sarah's coach this morning. He wants to have her re-evaluated this Saturday. She is going to move up to another level. This is both exciting and un-nerving. This is going to throw off our schedule since she will switch coaching teams. Oh well. The girl has a dream. We will do what is necessary to help her reach it.

For those watching American Idol....isn't Bo just the best? I'm not a "rocker" chick...but I have to admire his talent and uniqueness. I also like Anwar. The ladies don't really speak to me. Perhaps one of them will step away from the crowd tonight?

With that, I will sign off for today. Hugs and love to all. Stay in touch.

P.S. I hate snow.


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