Monday, March 07, 2005

Momma's home!

What a wonderful, wonderful weekend! I feel so energized and rested.

The Stroh House was incredible. It is an older house with charm, history, character and life.
It is a very large home and I spent a lot of time just checking out the different areas. The woodwork was amazing.

The hostess was great. She was attentive to our needs (us moms were pampered big time) and had wonderful stories to tell of the area. I look forward to going back for other retreats in the near future.

There were 8 of us on the retreat. We all showed up between 4 and 5 on Friday. We found our rooms (we had our pick of 10 bedrooms). At 6 we were served dinner and dessert. The food was simply prepared and so comforting. Best part? We didn't have to cook it or clean up after it. A couple of us tried (out of habit) and were quickly urged out of the kitchen.

We spent the rest of the evening way up in the re-done attic (which also served as the honeymoon retreat). The room was enormous. There was a large sitting room with 3 couches, 3 tables, a bar (complete with microwave and sink) and French doors out to a veranda.
The other side of the room had a large bed, closet, bookshelves and jacuzzi tub. There was also a full bathroom off to one side.

We quickly pushed the tables together and got to talking. So much fun. A couple of the ladies brought their HUGE stash of beads for jewelry making. I've seen this done before, but never tried it myself. I'm hooked now. We each made a bracelet to remember our weekend, complete with one matching charm (a butterfly).

Saturday was spent resting, eating, talking, crying (one of the moms lost her husband of 13 years 9 months ago. They have 6 children) and exploring the house grounds.
We headed home late Saturday night.

Jeff and the kids had a nice time. He made his famous waffles for them, as well as cookies. They went to the movies and played. They made it easy for me to get away for a bit. No worries.

I woke up feeling awful on Sunday. My sinuses were in over-drive. Jeff took the girls to church while the boys and I stayed home. I feel a bit better today.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! Best wishes and prayers to you.


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