Tuesday, March 22, 2005

More school violence

Children, in school - killed. Shot to death by a fellow peer.

When will this nightmare stop?

I'm not naive. I know the world is a different place. I know there is no easy answer to this growing problem. However -- enough is enough. It is a sad day in this world when children are fearful of death when they attend school. I mean, can you imagine walking through metal detectors and security officers on the way to homeroom? Can you imagine the horror of hearing gunshots in your classroom? The screams? The violence?

There are usually a list of warning signs. Parents need to wake up. School officials need to take a firmer stance on threats. Kids need to start talking when they hear/see something going on.

As a society, we need to stop glorifying violence in music, TV, games and movies. I'm not talking about unnecessary censorship -- but what child needs to witness these acts over and over? What adult? It is senseless. It provides no positive influence to one's life. Parents need to say, "NO. You will not do that!"

Kids need to learn how to be kind to one another. I remember high school. It was brutal at times. There are kids walking around with rage, spite and pure hate. There are kids walking around with twisted humor, snideness and loss of self control. Who is teaching them the proper way to behave around people? Who is keeping them accountable? Who is parenting them at home?

Too many parents put the responsibility of child rearing into the school's court. That isn't fair.
School is a learning establishment - not a glorified babysitting service. This is an ongoing problem. What does it say about our society when we have to train educators in lock down procedures and trauma care? What is this? School or prison?

I also find it alarming that most news channels are NOT running this as TOP NEWS. It is the 3rd or 4th story. Have we become immune to the seriousness of this? Is it so common that it doesn't phase the general public? Do you know how many children died last year in school violence? 58 kids. Gone. Where is the outrage?

I think society became complacent after the horror of Columbine wore off. That is a mistake. So many people walk around and say, "Oh, that would never happen in our area."
Think again.

In the end, I know many of you are sitting there saying, "Well Kim -- you homeschool. Why are you so fired up about this? You don't have to deal with it."
You would be wrong. All children matter. Our community matters. If a basic foundation such as school becomes a warzone...what else can we expect?

I will say this -- homeschooling should never be done because you are afraid of violence. That isn't a good reason. Nothing should be done out of fear.
However..I admit. Each time I hear about these stories, I am re-affirmed in our decisions.
I know I can't (and won't) keep our children in a bubble...but children shouldn't have to fear for their life while learning algebra.

My prayers for the families involved. May God protect and comfort them.



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