Thursday, March 10, 2005

Snow. Snow. And oh yeh, snow.

Mr. Pasted on Smile with blue screen behind him:
We may have light snow showers this afternoon.

Mother Nature: Bahahahahaha. Light showers? I think not.

Me (while looking out the window): ::: bleep bleep :::: It is snowing. A lot.

So anyway, off to gymnastics we go. It is now snowing hard. It takes a few extra minutes to get to the gym. We fluff out our hair, stomp our boots and complain to one another.

sidetrack from my weather vent to follow

Sarah started her new class today. New coach. New skills. Sarah hit a few bumps -- but got through them. She shows the most strength in tumbling. She needs concentrated instruction on bars. She is one determined girl though. Sarah dreams of the Olympics. Wowee.
Her coach invited her to try out for a recreational team after class. This isn't competition level, but a nice practice/experience with plenty of opportunity for expos, etc.
Jeff and I are talking it over...we'll keep you posted.

back to my original rant

So, while I am sitting in the gym sipping on my very bad coffee (note to myself....take my own coffee from now on) I see that it is white-out conditions outside. Lovely. No really. It was very pretty. Of course, my adoring eyes quickly turned to a glare when I remembered that we had to drive home. Ugh. It normally takes 20 minutes to get home. Today, a full hour. A full hour of white knuckle driving. We witnessed two minor accidents. Not fun. The snow was bad enough, but it was wet snow. Wet snow in 23 degree weather leads to ice. Ice leads to chaos.

Spring? Come now. I beg of you.

rant over

There is a family reunion in New York in August. We are going to make every attempt to get up there. We've been in Hoosier-ville for almost 3 years (yes, really) and it is pathetic that we haven't made the 6 hour drive up there. Ideally, we would like to make it a long vacation for us. Perhaps we will leave Buffalo via Canada, enter Michigan and drive down to Indiana. Lots of pretty stops along the way. The kids want to play in the sand this summer. Sounds good to me...especially while I stare at white frozen stuff in the backyard.

A special HIPPY HIPPY BATHDAY (toddler de-code: Happy Happy Birthday) to my baby sister, Tena. We love you, sweetie. A quarter of a century today? :: snicker :::
(if I disappear, check Tena's closet -- she has locked me up and placed duct tape over my mouth)

It is time to get some sleep. Love and hugs to all.


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