Thursday, March 31, 2005

State sanctioned murder

Rest in peace, Terri. May God's arms comfort you today. May His mercy and grace rain down on those left in this world.
Well, a 41 year handi-capped woman will most likely die today. Her husband, in name only, allowed this happen.

Why are we supposed to take his word for Terri's life? How do we really know her wishes? Should anyone be given that much power over another person?

If she isn't capable of pain -- why so much morphine?

Why hasn't she been allowed to have an MRI or PetScan? Why so many broken bones in her scan? Why did it take Mr. Shiavo 7 years to say, "Oh, by the way, Terri wouldn't want to live like this."

Too many questions -- not enough answers.

What harm would come from allowing her to live? What harm would come from granting a divorce and handing care over to her parents?

Someday, up in heaven, we can ask Terri what her true wishes were. I would like to err on the side of caution and deal with her later, then starve her to death and own up to that.

We are being told that Ms Shiavo is in her final hours. Today may be her last day here on earth.
To make matters even worse -- Michael is not allowing her parents/siblings to be at her bedside.

How cruel can one person be? Is power more important than compassion and empathy?

I pray for God's grace and mercy on everyone involved -- including our own nation.
It is a sad day for everyone when we legally kill someone via starvation. If we don't get you with abortion, we will get you will legal mercy killing.

:: sigh :::


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