Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Adventures with water

Water. It seems innocent enough.

We left early for swim team today so I could take the van through the carwash. Sounded like a super idea. Course, we all know what this means -- it will rain tonight.

We pull into Mike's and get in the long line. Everyone else has the same idea it seems.
I pay my money and put the van in neutral - prepared to get the van washed. The girls are excited. They love doing this.
The boys didn't particularly care for last summer's adventures at Mike's -- but it was a new season. I tell myself things will be better.

Yep. You guessed it. Screams of terror. Wails. "Mommmmmma Mommmaaaa" at the top of their lungs.

There was nothing I could do. We were inside the building with wild brushes everywhere. I tried turning up the music to their favorite song. I tried snacks. I tried talking to them. Emily hugged them. We tried reading a book. No go. My sons were miserable.

After eternity (5 minutes) - we escape the torture chamber. The boys are sniffing and gulping. Red faces and bulging eyes. My nerves are shot. Gracie is near tears because she didn't like to see her brothers so upset.

We pull into the Wendy's next door and I try to make amends with ice cream. Success.
As we drive past Mike's, I hear the boys mumble, "I don't like that place. Scary. Loud. No wash ever again."

Alrighty then. I've done damage today.

Oh wait - it gets better. I am having a lovely (ha!) day.
We get to the pool. The girls rush in to change and shower. The boys sit down with their ice cream and ignore me. :: sigh ::

I was talking with the other moms and watching the girls swim. I had just finished watching Gracie's group when I turned my attention to Emily. Out of the corner of my eye I see a white flash. I look over. The lifeguard is in the pool. Immediately I stand up and start counting heads. There is Emily. There is Sarah. There is Paige. There is --- wait! Grace! Where is Gracie?!

In the arms of the lifeguard. I race over to the pool and meet them. She is okay. She had lost her kickboard and was struggling to stay above water. Her teacher was right there, but was assisting a child learning to tread water. It happened in a split second. The lifeguard got to her before she went under so we really are talking seconds here. Praise God.

We got her calmed down (she was breathing so hard...fighting back the tears). The lifeguard and I agreed that she needed to get back in the water though, otherwise fear would win for a very long time. We sat with her, calmed her down and prayed over her. She got back in the water. So brave.

I had to fill out an incident report and talk to the teacher (who felt positively horrible).
Everything is okay. More praises.

Of course, I get out to the van and promptly begin to cry. Sensory overload for mom.

Guess where Gracie and Paige are now? In my tub, with goggles on - blowing bubbles and being fish.

Kids. They bounce back!


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