Saturday, April 02, 2005

Life matters.

I think an important lesson can be found in the Pope's current state.

Life matters.
Life matters when you are formed in your mother's womb.
Life matters when you are small and dependent.
Life matters when you are ill and in need of care.
Life matters when you can not speak for yourself and are at the mercy of others.
Life matters when you have done something wrong and face the consequences.
Life matters.

I pray that the Pope is surrounded with peace and clarity in his final hours. He is a great man. He is also a good man. You can't say that about many "great" men.

Regardless of your religious affiliations, the Pope is a wonderful teacher.
Allow his spoken words (said this morning) to sit in your soul,
"I am happy, be it yourselves as well."

Let us live each moment.


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