Saturday, April 23, 2005

A little quiz for you

What do you get when you cross a damp floor (from wet dogs out in the SNOW!), crazy kids running around, dogs chasing said kids, a mom emptying the dishwasher (while getting dinner ready) and a dad yelling at the paper people for not delivering our paper, again (3rd time this week)?

A shattered oven door. True.

Okay - let me back up a bit.

The floor was wet. I was putting the dishes away. I told the kids to get out of the kitchen. The dogs were tearing through the kitchen, around the island, getting under foot. I was yelling at them to leave. They do, but not before slamming into the back of my legs - causing my to lurch forward and toss the plate I was holding in the air.

The plate hit the oven door *just right* and smashed it to itty bitty teeny tiny pieces.

Suddenly, the house is quiet. Had I know that is all it would take....nevermind.

Jeff comes running. He gasps in horror. I am shocked. I mean, who knew this could happen? I knew it was glass - but to shatter like this? Wow.

It took forever to clean up. Know what is between the metal of the oven door and decorative glass? Insulation. That's it. You were wondering, weren't you?

Anyway, we were able to find a replacement door at Sears. Thank goodness. We thought we might have to get a whole new oven. 'Course, I would love a stainless steel gas oven..but I suspect now is not the time to bring that up. The dog caused this mishap, remember?

No wait. The snow caused this problem. Yes. The snow!



Anonymous Debashis said...

The only thing you can blame the dog for is the homework you couldn't submit at school because he ate it! Oven doors have to be blamed on the snow and the paper guy who fails to deliver!

12:17 AM  

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