Friday, April 08, 2005

War of the mowers

Yes, spring is really here in our midst. Sure, the birds, daffodils, sunshine and warm air were a logical testimony to the calendar dates -- but I *know* it is spring now. Jeff is priming the lawn mower as I type. The man is going to mow the yard tomorrow. It is his secret goal to be the first in the culdesac to do this, though I think I saw the familiar gleam in our neighbor's eyes this morning. Dueling mowers?

To cement the cause even further, my husband came home with 10 large bags of mulch today. Remember, this here is mulch country. If you can't spread mulch over it -- tear it up! It isn't worth your time. After dinner, Jeff is going to the local nursery to look at trees. He wants to plant 2 more trees in the backyard. He is also finalizing plans for our new patio, which will require more plants to soften the brick edges - or so I am told.
I'm married to Mr. Green Jeans. (said with the greatest of affection)

There are two more girls in the house this weekend. Our close family friends from church were called away on ministry work this morning. We are watching their two youngest girls (7 and 11) until Monday. You wouldn't think so, but it really is quieter with the extra children here. They play so nicely together. They entertain one another. We'll see how they are by Sunday afternoon though..... :: smirk::

With that, I had better scoot. I have to get dinner ready for the whole gang.

Oh, remember -- we are rebellious Indiana. We are now on Central time. Just reminding you in case you want to call (hint, hint). That is 2 hours ahead of PST family and 1 hour behind EST family.

In regard to the time changes -- the Feds are getting fed up with us (as well as Arizona and Hawaii). I see big changes in store for the Hoosiers by this time next year. The cows are just gonna have to adjust! (For those that don't know --- one of the big reasons so many fight the time changes is because it will upset the cows schedules. Yes, really)

Love and hugs to all. Be blessed.


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