Monday, May 23, 2005


I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend? With the exception of an isolated storm yesterday, it was gorgeous. We did a lot of gardening and lounging.

A momma robin has built a nest on our fence. The same thing happened last year. I assume it is the same bird - hard to tell. She picked a different corner this year, but the nest looks exactly the same. She laid 3 eggs on Friday. The thing is, there is absolutely no shelter for the nest (or her). Rain, wind, predators, children and the like can cause harm. I thought about putting a small piece of wood over the corner so she would have some protection for the storms, if nothing else, but Jeff says that isn't a good idea. She may abandon the nest altogether.

Last year -- the babies hatched and survived 5 days before a raccoon and hawk decided to ruin the party. Sad day. The momma bird kept coming back to the nest for 7 days.
The kids were heartbroken too. They were documenting everything, taking pictures and quietly observing from the house (you can see the nest from our kitchen window).
Here's hoping this batch of babies work!

I was helping a new mother at church with breastfeeding issues. This is her first child and everything is overwhelming. She doesn't have much home support (dad would just assume use bottles...the breast area is for him only -- ugh...yes, he said that!).
She is determined though. She understands the health benefits for both mom and baby. Fortunately, her mother is coming for a visit next week and is very supportive in this area. Until then, she needed help. They have the practice down, but like I told her, breastfeeding is 75% mental, 25% breast. For a lot of woman -- their minds prevent progress.
I also printed off some useful articles for her. She wanted something to show her husband. He is an intelligent man, but has fallen victim to societal views on breastfeeding, etc.

I have *so* many files on this subject, but this is a new one for me. I thought I would share it for those interested - Examining the Evidence...
It mostly deals with the reasons not to feed on schedule, but the medical back-up is right on target.

I need to get the laundry finished, read to Gracie and get Em over to volleyball. While she at volleyball, the rest of us will run to Sam's for a few things.

Love and hugs to all.


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