Monday, May 16, 2005

I needed my camera!!!

And the battery was dead!

Let me explain the situation. I was cleaning out the pantry. What a chaotic mess.
I was working on the baking items when I needed to visit the bathroom. The boys were engrossed in Lazy Town -- so I took my chances.

I swear to you. I was in there *maybe* 3 minutes! I come out to a bitter-faced 3 year little boy. Jacob. He looked stunned, frustrated and sickened. I knew why, immediately.

Two words.
Baking chocolate.

Oh come on. We all did it at one point. I remember it well. I was in the kitchen with my Nena. She was making cookies and warned me about the baking chocolate. I didn't believe her. I mean come on, Nena! It's chocolate! How bad can it be?


Jake spit the nastiness in the sink and gulped down a glass of water. Think he will stay away from my dark chocolate M&M's now?

Ha. I didn't think so......


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