Monday, May 16, 2005


Hi everyone. I pray this note finds you in good health and spirits.

Emily is going to join Arlington Park Swim and Dive (click) this month. It will take the place of H.E.A.T. (home educator's aquatic training). While HEAT has been wonderful in training and support....Arlington is closer to home. That is important these days. Plus, Arlington has done an awesome job with coaching/learning/competing and growing. We go to church with one of the coaches and group treasurer. We will keep you posted.

Sarah starts rec team the first Monday in June. She goes in for her leotard fitting next week. She is so excited. I am happy for her. I will get pictures online asap.

Sarah, Paige and Grace have their ballet recital on June 3. They have been working so hard for this special event. They had costume checks last Friday. Major cuteness!
There are some big changes in store for their ballet training. Their instructor has teamed up with Fort Wayne Ballet (the people who presented Nutcracker) and starting in September, all classes will be held at their facilities. This is a nice experience, but tuition will be on the rise.
It will also require a bit more time management. What can we do? The girls *love* ballet (especially Paige) and it would be cruel to end their training for something they have no control over. We'll find a way.

Jeff has been scheduled for vein surgery on June 10. He has super bad veins in both legs. For a long time, it was cosmetic only, but lately - they are causing pressure and pain. That can lead to more problems, so his doctor referred him to a specialist. The doctor took one look at them and said, "I will finish the examination..but I can tell you right now. You need these removed and/or tied off." We will keep you posted.

We have been looking over the summer calendar. We will be up in New York the first week in August. Ideally, we would like to be there for 2 weeks but it won't happen. The kids are too busy with practice and meets. We will make the best of it!

It is about time to get Em to volleyball. She is yelling in the garage because she can't find her *favorite* ball. I suspect her brothers had something to do with this crisis. :: eyeroll ::

Love and hugs to all.


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