Wednesday, May 18, 2005

So, you know you're getting older...

......when you find out that both the music pastor and assistant pastor are younger than you.
:: sigh :::
Not by much, but the mere fact that I take life advice from men younger than me is somehow weird. Very weird.

What next? A gynecologist that is fresh out of medical school? Oy.

I mean, I was just coming to terms with the fact that I have a 17 year old niece (who is darling by the way) and friends old enough to have kids graduating from high school. Pastors and their wives younger than me? Can't cope. Nope. I need prayer, for sure!

Today was a day from Haitis. I am wiped out. Between violin, ballet and church work -- we spent 4 hours at church this afternoon. The girls have a big recital in 2 weeks. The costume fittings and practice is in over-drive. Thread, lace, tu-tu's and ribbon were everywhere!
It's going to be a wonderful event though. The big night is June 3.

We zoomed home from church - snarfed a snack and got Em over to the pool for swim team. I came back home with the kids - pulled together some papers for midweek service, put dinner in the oven, made some phone calls and waited for Jeff to get home. He walked in and the 3 youngest girls and I walked out. We headed to church. I called a meeting with all of the class leaders. We need to make some curric changes for the class. We want more emphasis on character development and worship. We prayed and talked for 90 minutes. With God's guidance, we have awesome plans in store for the children. I was also able to hire an assistant. This is such a blessing. I need the help, desperately. She is going to be in charge of all crafts and memory verses. She can also fill in for me when I need a break. Whew.

Back to Emily, this was her first practice with the new team. Jeff and the boys went to the pool early to watch. He said she did well, but was so tired. They really worked the kids.
Starting June 1, she will be swimming every morning from 9-10, with meets on Saturday.
She loves it though. God Bless her. You would find me on the bottom of the pool - purposely feigning my illness just so I could get out of the pool. Hard core athlete, I am not!

Anyway, here I sit at 11:30. I should be in bed. We have our annual homeschool gym picnic tomorrow. It is a big affair, complete with horseback riding, canoe rides, hot dog roasts and music. Hard to believe we have finished another year of gym classes. Wow.
Sarah has gymnastics in the evening. She is going to be wiped out tomorrow night.

I can hear Jeff snoring upstairs. Lovely. How does he sleep through that? So odd.
I guess I will get some sleep (try to anyway...kick kick, shove shove, stop snoring!)
I am blessed to have a man that works hard -- I will bless his sleep and ignore the snoring.

Stay in touch! Love to all.


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