Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Still here!

My days are flying by! God's grace brings us the sun each morning - days filled with activity and love. Chaos too!

Just some news about happenings in our world:

Last Thursday -- I had dinner with a couple friends. We are heading up a co-op this fall. We have been praying about this for 2 years, and finally, God opened some doors for us. The support and interest is unbelievable. The co-op will be Thursdays from 12-3:15. There will be 3 class sessions for differernt age groups.
Registration begins in July and already, we have 35 families committed.

Oh, we had dinner at Panera's! This place rocks my world. I knew the bread was fantastic, but I discovered their wonderful salads and soups! You must try the Poppyseed Chicken and Strawberry salad! Yummy.

Friday -- We spent the day catching up on some science projects and cleaning the house. Now that the weather is warmer, the kids are outside more. They get dirty quicker, especially the boys. Laundry has always been my obstacle in homemaker-land, but it is getting out of control. Think it would be appropriate to start a nudist colony here in the Heartland? :: smirk ::
Jeff returned home from Dallas around 9 in the evening.

Saturday -- Jeff brought home a super duper, "he's the dad!" present today. A trampoline. I know. I know. I was against them too. They scare me. However, with Sarah's demanding gymnastic schedule, she really can benefit from the trampoline here at the house. To help keep the kids a bit safer, we purchased the net enclosure.
They still have firm rules in place and we keep our eye on them at all times. I have to say...the kids are loving it! Great exercise (and energy burning for the boys!)

That afternoon, I slipped away for a few hours. I got my haircut, went to the annual Homeschool Expo (awesome resource), out to lunch and to the library. It was a nice break.

Sunday -- I was reminded of just how blessed I am to be called, "Mommy."
Happy Mother's Day! I received homemade blueberry waffles in bed, complete with flowers and homemade cards. We went to church where were we treated to songs from the children, pastries and an uplifting sermon from the Pastor and his wife.
From there, we had a picnic lunch at a local park. It was nice. Jeff took us on a long drive through the country. The kids tolerated it - which I appreciated. We stopped for ice cream in a little Amish town and came home. Jeff took care of dinner while I read my new books. I have to say, the day was perfect.

Monday -- The start of a new week. The new homeschool curriculum is demanding. Good, but demanding. The kids are settling into it nicely, with only a few strains here and there.

Jeff came home from work with news that he is leaving his Ph.D program. It seemed like such a good idea a couple year ago - but now it just isn't a good fit.
He has been accepted to Wesleyn College here in town for the MBA program. He starts next week. It is a solid 2 year program. It will allow him to move up the administration ladder at the hospital, with hopes of a COO title in the near future.

Don't get me wrong, this all came as a surprise to me. I mean, I knew things were running slowly with his schooling -- but I didn't recognize his unhappiness. He hid it well. It is frustrating when we think about the finances lost, not to mention the time -- but life is short. You have to do what you love. He has my undying support. Jeff has been in the healthcare field from Day 1. Even with the PhD, he wouldn't have left the hospital field. And, in today's high tech and business oriented society - an MBA makes more sense.

Six years ago, Jeff completed his Masters in Science. It was a long journey. We got through it, stronger. There are a lot more of us now. I know we will pull through - but I don't look forward to the hours, work and time. Prayers are very much appreciated.

Tuesday, today -- We hit a record 83 degrees today. I actually turned the air conditioning on for a couple hours this evening. The kids really enjoyed their swim lessons today, that's for sure! Bless the boy's hearts...they wanted to go swimming in the worst way. They just aren't old enough for this session of lessons. Maybe we can find something for them this summer? 'Cause, you know -- I need van time in my week! :: sigh ::

It is just about time for Amazing Race to begin. It is the last show of the season. I know who wins (a little birdie told me about a spoiler website) but I won't tell the kids or Jeff. I am driving them crazy! Heehee.

Love and hugs to all. God's blessings to you.


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