Thursday, June 16, 2005

Car problems --- ARGH!

It is bad enough when one car needs service, but both?

:: sigh ::

Jeff's air conditioning went out. When he took it in for service, they found something else wrong. That something else is mighty expensive to fix. We hate spending so much money on a 7 year old car.

Fast forward to this morning. The kids and I are on our way to volleyball camp for Emily. It is 15 miles away, but takes about 30 minutes to get there. You have to go through downtown Fort Wayne, a nice city---but not real easy to maneuver (lots of one way streets, buses, etc.)

Anyway, we were about 5 miles from home when I noticed the battery meter on the dashboard is lower than usual. A couple minutes later...the battery light comes on. Great. Okay.
I continue driving (I didn't have a choice at the time) and within minutes...the meter plunges into the orange area and I lost all dashboard controls (including speedometer).

The kids and I pray for safety and cruise into a gas station, that thankfully has a small service station as well. The mechanic was nice enough to jump the van. We drive less than 2 miles and it happens all over again. I turn around and head home. No way am I going to risk being stranded downtown. On the way, I call Jeff. He heads home.

Honestly, God must have carried us home. I lost all controls again. I got into the driveway and the van just stopped (without my help). Praising God for our safety and convenience.

I call the car dealer (who services the van) and they send a tow truck. Just as they show up, Jeff arrives. Emily jumps in his car and off they go to volleyball camp. Jeff is going to come home at lunch to deal with the van issue. Bless my man.

There is never a good time for car troubles...but now is REALLY not a good time. Sports, parties, shopping, etc. are waiting for me and I can't do a single thing.

I wonder? Do you think God is trying to force me to slow down? It is possible. Very possible.
If I won't listen to His voice on a regular day --- he will put obstacle in our path, to turn us around. He does that a lot. It would be so much nicer if we just obeyed in the very beginning.

Yes. I get it.


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