Tuesday, July 05, 2005

As I clean my scrapping space

Yes. I am one of "those" people. I adore scrapbooking. I love being creative with paper, pictures and words.

Today, I finally bit the bullet and pulled everything out of my scrap closet (and extra walk in closet in our bedroom). It isn't very big, but a desk, lighting, bins and shelving fit nicely.
The problem is me. I'm not real organized when it comes to my hobbies. Oh, I try. Within a couple weeks, I get distracted and chaos ensues. I close the door.

Anyway, everything is cleaned up now. It isn't perfect, but it is workable. That is enough for me. While staring at a pile of baby pictures from the kids...I started to jot down some ideas.
Because I treat this blog as a personal journal of sorts (I print the pages each month and save in a binder)...I wanted to share the ideas here.

Sweet Things About Babies and Children
Baby's first tooth
Toddler vocabulary
Decorating a nursery
Encouraging children to run with their creativity
Babies fresh from a warm bath
raspberry kisses
Being cute as a bug
Kids playing with kitchen items
Blue-jeaned kids
A 3 year old's imagination
Watching a toddler eat jello
Teaching a baby to play pat-a-cake
Finding the "perfect" name for your baby
Listening to the coo of a newborn
Singing children
Running your fingers through fine baby hair
Kissing little feet
Baby powder on a baby bum
Sleeping babies
Little kids having a tea party
Cuddles and hugs
Crocheting a baby blanket
Snuggling your nursing baby
Watching a child chase his shadow
First smiles
That first birthday cake
Drawings on the fridge door
First trip to the zoo
The pockets of little boys


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